SZABIST- Dubai, Wellness Policies

  • Staff Development & Well-being at SZABIST
  • The SZABIST Dubai Campus is committed to provide a healthy environment and is continuously striving to improve the quality of lives of its human resources. The well-being policy aims to reinforce its mission that supports the freedom of expression. The institute values its workforce as a great asset and considers it as a fundamental key to its success. The institute intends to create a sense of belonging, trust, teamwork and also encourages personal development. It is committed to provide healthy atmosphere for all its employees with a special focus on their physical, mental and social needs.

  • The Anxiety workbook is enclosed for the benefit of students and staff
  • » Anxiety workbook
  • Inclusiveness and Academic Determination Policy
  • SZABIST Dubai welcomes students with various academic and social backgrounds. As per the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy, SZABIST Dubai is strongly committed to develop both educational and social skills among the students. The institute is committed to provide equal opportunities to physically challenged individuals.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy
  • SZABIST Dubai campus follows the ideologies of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in its all-external or internal engagements. The institute intends to benefit the public by significantly contributing to the well-being, economy, edification and ethos. It strongly believes that the long-term goals are best served by valuing the interests of students, staff and wider community. The institute looks keenly for prospects to improve and contribute to the benefit of the community. It believes to contribute towards the health and welfare of society in an ethical and transparent way. SZABIST considers that higher education is beneficial only when it gives back to the society through practical applications.