Details & Semester Outlines for BS (Media Science)

SZABIST offers a four year (eight semesters) BS (Media Sciences) degree of 135 credit hours. For the BSMS program a student must enroll in and successfully complete 43 courses and a 6 credit thesis (a total of 135 credit hours) and an internship. Elective courses include Television and Film Production, Journalism and Advertising. All students must complete their degree within seven years.

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
English for General Purpose English for Academic Purpose Basic Design Topic in Asian Literature
Drawing & Perspective Culture, Media and Society Introduction to Sound History of Commercial Art
Introduction to Media Industries Photography History and Aesthetics of Film Audiovisual Editing
Civilization Studies-I Play Analysis Media Research Design Practices-I
Humanities Civilization Studies-II Idea Development Production Practices-II
Art of Music Production Practices-I Theater Project Principles of Journalism
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Creative Writing Media Laws & Ethics State and Nation Building Theories of Visual Culture
Media Psychology Major-I Major-V Thesis-I
Animation and Motion Graphics Major-II Major-VI Elective-III
Design Practices-II Major-III Major-VII
Radio Channel Project-I Major-IV Elective-II
Producing & Short Narratives Elective-I
Summer Semester

Majors & Electives

Film & Television Production Journalism Advertising Electives
Basic Lighting Feature Writing-I Integrated Marketing Communication Typography
Directing-I Editing, Subediting and Design Advertising Design & Concepts Directing for Actors
Screen Writing TV Journalism Brand Identity Management Illustration
Cinematography Reporting the News Interaction Design Advanced Studio Project
Production Design Introduction to Photojournalism Media Planning The International Newsroom
Documentary Vision Investigative Journalism and Crisis reporting New Media Advertising Audio Podcasting
Production Practices-III Multimedia Journalism Copy Writing Topic in Film & Television
Game Design