Details & Semester Outlines for BS (Computer Science)

For the BS program in Computer Science, students are required to complete 40 courses. To obtain the BS(CS) degree, the student should have completed a minimum of 130 credit hours and an internship.

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Calculus and Analytical Geometry Discrete Mathemetical Structures Communication and Presentation Skills Computer Organization and Assembly Language
English Composition and Comprehensnsion Multivariate Calculus Data Structure and Algorithms Data Communication and Computer Networks
Fundamentals of Programming Object Oriented Programming Digital Logic Design Database Systems
Introduction to Computing Physics Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Finite Automata Theory and Formal Languages
Personal Management Technical and Business Writing Statistics and Probability Operating Systems
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Computer Architecture Compiler Construction Artificial intelligence Final Year Project-II
Human Computer Interaction Design and Analysis of Algorithms Professional Practices CS Elective-V
Introduction to Software Development Numerical Computing Final Year Project-I CS Elective-VI
Software Engineering-I CS Elective-I CS Elective-III CS Elective-VII
University Elective-I CS Elective-II CS Elective-IV University Elective-II

University Electives

Business and Technology Ethics
Management Principles
Systems Administration
Introduction to Accounting
Organizational Behavior